Let Suzannah Lucy teach you an unusual and profitable new craft.  Suzannah has many years experience as an adult education tutor and has even taught pewtercraft to inmates of HM prisons.  
  You will learn that sheet metal pewtercraft is an easy craft to master and requires no special tools.  The metal is soft to work and can be cut with ordinary household scissors.

You will soon be able to produce a range of items that make exciting gifts or profitable items to sell.

  In the book Suzannah takes you through the creation of various items in several projects of different sizes and complexity.  No stage is left out - you are given the patterns to use.  

  On the DVD (UK only) Suzannah works with two students explaining carefully and clearly how to produce the finished articles.  

  BUY THE BOOK!  The book costs just 9-99 and will be available to download in pdf format as soon as you have completed your payment.

  BUY THE DVD!  The DVD costs just 9-99 and will be posted to you within 48 hours of completion of payment.

  BUY BOTH BOOK AND DVD! Buy both items and you will receive a bonus CD of clipart which contains many images that you can use as patterns for your pewtercraft projects.  The total cost is just 19-98.

  Not all of the items shown on this page are explicitly covered in the book or DVD but can be produced using the basic techniques discussed and explained.