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By betting only on horses from a certain group, you'll achieve a strike rate of around 50%. This is easy!!
In fact, it's amazing just how easy it is. It's even more amazing that so few people seem to be exploiting this useful source of information.
The graphs at the bottom of this page show indisputable proof of the value of the two pieces of information that Pablo uses.

50% is a superb strike rate but it can be improved even further. When Pablo knows that a horse has a low probability of success, he'll advise a lay, and turn its disadvantage in our favour.
If you back the high percentages and lay the low percentages, you'll easily achieve a strike rate of over 65%.

Achieving a 65% strike rate is obviously very impressive, but that's still not the end of the story. Pablo can do even better!

Having told Pablo what odds are being offered, he'll advise what action you should take based on those odds.
He'll automatically include a minimum of 20% profit margin, so if the odds are higher than the horse deserves, Pablo will advise you to back it. If the odds are low he'll advise you to lay the bet. If the odds are within the 20% margin, he'll advise no bet at all.

The odds offered on the exchanges are always changing so early advice of 'no bet' could easily turn into a bet later in the day.

The reason I recommend betting with the exchanges is that the odds are usually much better than with regular bookmakers, and they are the only places that will accept a bet on a horse to lose.
You can use your local bookie if you wish, but you'll only be able to bet when the calculator advises you to back.

Just so it's clear, Pablo can, and does, achieve:

  • 65% winning bets.
  • 20-30 bets every week.
  • Every bet will have a minimum 20% profit margin in your favour.

If you want proof of Pablo's skill, have a look at this extract from my Betfair statement. All the advised bets were made with very stakes but the 73% strike rate from 26 bets meant those small stakes added up to a respectable 175 profit in just six days. This is equivalent to winning over 2,300 with 200 stakes.
For some systems, 26 bets would be a month's worth. Pablo gives that many quality bets EVERY WEEK.

In addition to Pablo's regular advice, he'll also tell you how to refine the system slightly to give an incredible 80% strike rate.
Over a four-month period in early 2004, this refined system produced 68 winners from 85 bets. Every one of these bets was an 'on the nose' bet to win and a level-stakes profit of over 15 points was achieved.
Odds on these bets are obviously very low, but with an 80% strike rate, they can afford to be.
We know that nobody's going to believe that Pablo manages an 80% strike rate, so we've included all the bets advised in the four-month trial. Click here.

You can see that you could win back your membership fee in just a few days, maybe even on your first day.
Membership is worth far more than we're charging and if you charged your customers more than we do, they'd still be getting a great deal.

By the way, Pablo's system has nothing to do with stop-at-a-winner, arbitrage, dutching, staking plans, multipliers or any other complicated betting techniques. When we say 65% winning bets, we mean an average month of 100 bets provides around 65 winners.

We don't want to get too technical here but we've produced some graphs that clearly show how the two pieces of data we use indicate the chances of success.
Remember, the two pieces of information that Pablo uses can be found on Ceefax, in the Racing Post or on the Racing Post website.

There is an obvious, almost exact correlation between
the first piece of information we use and the percentage of winners achieved.
This graph shows just how reliable this particular rating is as a predictor of success.

It isn't quite so obvious but it can still be seen that there is a
strong relationship between the second piece of information, and the
probabilty that our selected horse will win.

The very best results come when these two pieces of information are combined.
That's exactly what Pablo does, and that's how he manages a strike rate of 65 or even 80%.