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Pablo's standard system can be refined even further to increase the strike rate from 65% to a whopping 80%.

In a trial carried out between 10th January and 21st May 2004, the refined system advised 85 bets - about 4 or 5 per week, and a staggering 68 of these bets were winners.
These were all single bets, no arbitrage, no dutching, no laying, just straight forward 'on the nose' bets to win.
Even though these bets were all odds-on, those tiny prices added up to a worthwhile 15.6 point level stakes profit.
Perhaps those people that blindly refuse to bet odds-on will now see just how valuable low priced horses can be if you back the right ones.

But what can you do with such low priced bets?
A single odds-on winner isn't going to make you rich, but when you have four or five of these top quality bets every week, the results can be very rewarding - even with affordable stakes.
A 200 bet on each horse in the trial would have produced a profit of over 3,000.
Another way to use these tips is to combine them with your regular bets and turn them into doubles. This will immediately improve your current returns by about 50%.

An 80% strike rate might be a little hard to believe so we've listed below, all the bets advised during this trial.

10-Jan Inglis Drever Won 8/15
12-Jan Colonel Won 4/9
14-Jan Dawn Piper Won 1/3
16-Jan Chicago Bulls Lost 8/13
17-Jan Lord Sam Won 4/11
19-Jan Grey Report Won 3/10
20-Jan Mioce d'Estruval Won 2/9
22-Jan L'aventure Won 1/2
23-Jan Sendintank Won 2/3
28-Jan Type One Won 2/3
29-Jan Fall in Line Won 1/4
31-Jan Fall in Line Won 3/10
02-Feb Tamarinbleu Lost 1/10
03-Feb Fall in Line Won 1/4
04-Feb Fall in Line Won 2/5
05-Feb Encore Cadoudal Lost 8/13
06-Feb Kentucky Blue Won 1/2
07-Feb Polar Red Won 4/11
09-Feb Harelda Won 2/5
10-Feb Murat Lost 3/10
11-Feb Countess Camilla Won 1/4
12-Feb Edredon Bleu Won 1/5
14-Feb Azertyuiop Won 4/11
16-Feb To Wit To Woo Lost 8/11
19-Feb Ruby Gale Lost 2/5
20-Feb Majed Lost 2/9
21-Feb Thisthatandtother Won 3/10
24-Feb Daunted Won 8/13
25-Feb Kentucky Won 2/3
28-Feb Ascertain Won 10/11
01-Mar Don Fernando Won 4/7
02-Mar Metal Detector Won 1/6
03-Mar Maragun Won 2/3
04-Mar Double Honour Won 4/9
05-Mar Just Wiz Lost 4/7
06-Mar Ladalko Lost 2/7
08-Mar Mrs Cube Won 5/6
10-Mar Lotus Des Pictons Won 2/3
11-Mar King Eider Won 4/9
12-Mar Tales of Bounty Won 10/11
13-Mar Kasthari Won 2/3
15-Mar Nathos Won 8/11
16-Mar Daunted Won 5/6
17-Mar Here's Johnny Won 1/2
18-Mar Best Mate Won 8/11
23-Mar Noble Calling Won 2/3
24-Mar Instructor Lost 2/3
26-Mar Zonus Won 10/11
27-Mar Self Defense Won 2/3
30-Mar Elegant Gracie Lost 2/3
01-Apr Iris's Gift Won 4/7
02-Apr Instructor Won 4/5
03-Apr Alderney Race Lost 2/3
05-Apr Westbrook Blue Won 4/7
06-Apr Supreme Prince Lost 8/15
07-Apr Observer Won 4/7
08-Apr Master Marvel Won 8/13
10-Apr Soviet Song Lost 4/11
13-Apr Polar Red Won 8/15
16-Apr Simoun Won 2/5
17-Apr Femix Lost 8/13
19-Apr Notable Guest Lost 5/6
20-Apr Keelung Won 1/4
21-Apr Beauteous Won 1/4
23-Apr Privy Seal Lost 8/11
24-Apr Goodricks Won 1/5
26-Apr Sevillano Won 1/6
27-Apr Dial Square Won 4/7
29-Apr Dial Square Won 1/4
01-May Destination Dubai Won 4/9
03-May Mystical Land Won 2/7
04-May Tiny Tim Won 4/11
05-May Steppes of Gold Won 2/9
07-May Moscow Music Won 4/7
08-May Cenkos Won 1/3
10-May Blue Dakota Won 1/8
11-May Punctilious Won 8/11
12-May Soldiers Tale Won 4/9
14-May Siena Gold Won 3/10
15-May Whispered Secret Won 4/7
17-May Blue Dakota Won 2/9
18-May Umniya Won 4/5
19-May Romit Star Won 2/3
20-May Royal Island Won 1/6
21-May Brindisi Won 2/5