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Membership of Pablo's Punters Club means superb quality bets and a simple to operate business.

We want all of our members to be delighted with this opportunity, and we're certain that you will be.

If there is anything else you need to know before you join, please feel free to contact us by emailing us at

Before you take the trouble to email, have a look through this list of common questions to see if you can find what you're looking for.

  • If Pablo's system is so good, why don't you just make money from betting?
    We get asked this type of question more than any other and yet the answer is so obvious. It's all about money - More is better than less!
    Actually, if you want to make money just from gambling, you can. If you want to make money by re-selling membership packs, you can. If you want to do both, you can.
    It's entirely up to you.

  • How do I know your figures are genuine?
    The 65% strike rate is based on mathematical reasoning and is supported by our extensive trials.
    You can see from the Betfair statement that the short trial actually produced a 73% strike rate.
    In a much longer trial, the refined system managed a massive 80% strike rate.

  • Does the system only advise betting on favourites?
    Most are favourites but we don't always bet on them to win. Betting on an odds-on favourite to lose will actually return more money than betting on it to win. Betting against a 1-4 shot turns the odds into 4-1 in our favour.
    We bet so that we always have the advantage.

  • If too many people use Pablo's tips, will the odds be ruined?
    No. Whatever size the odds are, Pablo will always advise the best way to bet.
    If odds should drop, it might mean that we lay instead of back, but the minimum 20% advantage will always be maintained. If we are laying the bet, we'd actually prefer the odds to be as low as possible.
    Systems that only try to find winners will eventually depress the odds so far that the system becomes ineffective. Pablo doesn't work like that and he'll carry on performing for many years to come.

  • Can I have the revenue from the banner ads on my site?
    Yes. If you personalise and host the site yourself, you can include your own affiliate banners and keep all of the revenue.

  • Can I see all the past selections?
    Pablo's database is a record of winners and losers, but apart from the two trials we carried out, we don't keep a record of horses names.
    The database is its own record of success, so if Pablo predicts an 80% chance, it's because that particular combination of data has achieved an 80% strike rate in the past.

  • How much will I win?
    Pablo ensures a minimum of 20% advantage on each bet so your profit will be at least 20% of your total stakes.
    E.g. making a weeks worth of 25 bets at 100 each means a minimum profit of 500. Your profit margin is often far more than 20% so your returns should also be much higher.

  • How much will my business make?
    It really depends on how much effort you put into it and how much you charge.
    If you charge the same as us, you'll get your registration fee back with your first sale.

  • How much will I need to bet?
    You can bet as much or as little as you wish. Staking 5-10% of your betting bank on each bet is often seen as being a reasonable amount.
    The standard tips and the refined system both produce level stakes profits so you should do very well with any staking system that you use.

  • How many bets are advised each day?
    The average is about 4 or 5 bets per day.
    With no betting on Sundays, you can expect about 20-30 bets per week.

  • Don't the bookies ban you from betting?
    No. You should be making most, if not all, of your bets on the exchanges. You bet against other ordinary people and the exchanges just take a small commission from the winner. Nobody gets banned for winning.

  • Is my income taxable?
    Yes and No. Profits from your business are taxable but everything you win from Pablo's tips is completely tax-free.

  • How can I get in touch with you?
    By emailing us at

  • Where is the best place to bet?
    On the betting exchanges such as Odds are usually about 20% better than regular bookies and they'll accept bets on a horse losing.

  • What other information do I need to have?
    You'll need access to BBC Ceefax, The Racing Post or The Racing Post's website.

  • Do I need to do any calculations?
    No, it's very easy. Just copy the information from Ceefax or The Racing Post into the calculator and click the button. Pablo will do all the calculations and tell you how to bet.

  • How much does membership cost?
    Lifetime membership is just 19. This isn't just for the system though. The registration and lifetime-membership fee includes access to Pablo's tips pages and everything you need to be able to copy the business.
    You can even have a free personalised duplicate of this website.
    Membership also includes other bonus items worth over 300.

  • How do I register?
    Click here.